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Jun 20, 2017

In this season, I take a trip down to Nashville to learn about the city's vibrant startup and entrepreneur culture.  In each episode, I speak in depth with someone who founded a company there. My goal is to learn about their story and how that led them to starting their company.

In this episode, I interview Ben Bredesen, the founder and owner of Fat Bottom Brewing Company, which he started in Nashville in 2012.

A few quick disclaimers about this episode. First, we talk a lot about beer. So, this episode is for individuals of the legal drinking age, which is 21 here in the US. Second, I personally would never recommend drinking to anyone under the legal drinking age or anyone who even is of the legal drinking age but has never drink before. So if you don't drink alcohol, good for you. Third, if you are currently struggling with alcohol abuse or have struggled with alcohol abuse in the past, this might not be the episode for you. And if that is you, I'd also like to provide you with a phone number that may be of help. It's the Department of Health and Human Services toll-free number for alcohol and drug information and treatment referral assistance.  If you need that number, it's 1-800-662-4357.

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