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Jul 6, 2017

In this season, we explore entrepreneurship in Nashville.  In each episode, I speak in depth with someone who founded a company there. My goal is to learn about their story and how that led them to starting their company.

And today’s episode is with Rhonda Pinkerman.  Rhonda is the Founder and CEO of Poo Doo Leash, an innovative patent-pending pet product company.  Rhonda really enjoys going on runs with her dogs but got tired of carrying dog waste during their runs.  And in 2011, she got the idea to create a custom leash product to solve this problem, which resulted in the formation of the Poo Doo Leash.

And just a heads up, we reference an iFundWomen crowdfunding campaign during the interview.  And unfortunately, that campaign is no longer active.  But don’t worry, if Rhonda’s leashes are a must-have item for you, you’re still able to purchase them through her website, which is

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